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Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys Tubes and Pipes

Place of Origin:SHANGHAIChina (Mainland) Brand Name: SMT Model Number: W1,W2 Thickness: 0.5-30mm Outer Diamet

Tungsten and Tungsten alloys Bar and Rod

Applications: High purity tungsten rods can be used as heat conductor, additive, crankshaft and cylinder barrel of automobile, parts of heat-resistant steel and electrode. High purity tungsten rods ar

Tungsten and Tungsten alloys Sheet and Plate

Surface treatment:Hot-rolled Alkaline Cleaning SurfaceElectrolytic Polish SurfaceCold-rolled SurfaceMachined SurfacePolishedProperties:High Temperature ResistanceHigh HardnessHigh DensityApplication:

Tungsten Wire & Tungsten Mesh

Applications:Tungsten wires can be used for producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components, heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces, heating elements u

Tungsten Boat

Tungsten boat is made from Tungsten sheet through a process of cutting, bending, welding and riveting. We can manufacture customized products according to your requirements. Applications Tungsten boa

Tungsten Crucible

Tungsten crucible and other parts can be used for sapphire crystal growth and rare-earth melting due to their high temperature resistance, low pollution and other excellent characteristics. Stanford

Tungsten Heater

Tungsten heater is made from Tungsten wire, which has high melting point and excellent corrosion resistance. It is mainly used as heating elements in surface vacuum coating process such as aluminum s

Sapphire Furnace System Parts

GOOLEE provide the whole Sapphire Furnace System such as Cover Plate and Base Plate, Heat Shield, Support Assembly, Seed Chuck.

Tungsten Electrode

Item Name Added Impurity (%) Other Impurities (%) Electric discharged power (eV) Color code