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Aluminum Paste

Al PasteCERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS Products Name AlPASTE FOR SLIVER PRINTING Date of Reports 2020-11-4 Production Date 2020-10-21 Appearance

Bismuth Plate

Bismuth Plate Bismuth, a metal element with the symbol Bi and atomic number 83, is located in group V A of the sixth period of the periodic table. The simple substance is silver white to pink metal,

Constantan Foil in COil

Constantan Foil in Coil Constantan is a copper nickel alloy, composed of 55% copper and 45% nickel (Cu55Ni45). Its characteristics are not easy to change its properties with temperature change, and i

Ni80Cr20 Mesh Disc

Cr20Ni80 is a resistance electric heating alloy with stable structure, stable electrical and physical properties, good high-temperature mechanical properties, good cold deformation plasticity and wel

Tin sheet

Tin Sheet Tin (TiN, Element Symbol Sn) is a metal element, inorganic matter, a common form of white tin is a low melting metal with silver white gloss, which is divalent or tetravalent in the compoun

water permeable alumina ceramics tube

WATER PERMEABLE 95% ALUMINA CERAMICSTUBE   Water permeable ceramic tube after pressurization 95% alumina nano ceramics tube 300 nano meters; About 300 nm particles; Size: OD8×ID6×Length 80mm