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Cadmium plate

GOOLEE can provideCadmium, heavy non-ferrous metal element, chemical symbol CD, atomic number 481817. The simple substance is silver white metal, which is an excellent metal for absorbing neutrons. Ma

Copper and Steel Clad Plate

Copper and Steel Clad Plate; Serial No. 20210310-0707-01 Clad Plate Material Lot No. Quantities(Pieces)

Engine oil filter paper

Engine oil filter paper   GOOLEE can produce such asPaper chromatography is an inert support with filter paper. The filter paper fiber and the water have strong affinity, absorb about 22% of wat

Graphite Plate

Graphite Plate Graphite is an allotrope of carbon. It is a gray black and opaque solid with stable chemical properties and corrosion resistance. It is not easy to react with acid, alkali and other ag

Oxygen removal film

OXYGEN REMOVAL FILM  Products Name OXYGEN REMOVAL FILM Lot No. 202009106-05 Production Date

Polyurethane PBT and POM

Polyurethane Abbrevant meidence of polyurethane. The resin of the high polymer contains a repeating-HNCO-O-group resin, typically polymerized by a polyisocyanate, a polyol polymer or an aromatic diam

Quercetin powder

CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS Products Name QUERCETIN Date of Reports 2020-11-24 Produc

SiO2 Powder

Silicon dioxide is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula of SiO ν. Silicon atoms and oxygen atoms are arranged in long-range order to form crystalline silicon dioxide, and short-range orde

Titanium fiber felt

Titanium fiber felt GOOGLEE can produce titanium fiber felt andHigh precision metal fiber sintered felt   High precision metal fiber sintered felt (microscope) is made of extremely fine metal fi

Tropolone Powder

TROPOLONE POWDER   Products Name TROPOLONE POWDER Lot No. 38210709-1 Production Date

Zirconium Tantalum Niobium and Hafnlum Bar

1. Zirconium Zirconium is a chemical element, the element symbol Zr, the atomic number is 40, and the simple substance is a high melting point metal, which is light gray. The surface of zirconi