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Semiconductor thermoelectric cooler

Specification: TEC1-03140T 125 3.5V 40A;Size: 40mm×40mm; Features:No moving parts, noise-free operation, solid-state stable structure;Integrated chip design, small size and light weight;No e

Silicon Wafer Introduction

1. 8-inch single-sided polished silicon wafer, high-purity monocrystalline silicon, coated electron microscope scientific research substrate wafer;1.1 8-inch semiconductor wafer;1.2 Sin

Germanium target for semiconductor

Germanium target preparation process Material preparation-Zone melting-Chemical analysis-Forging-Rolling-Annealing-Metallographic inspection-Machining-Dimensional inspection-Cleaning-Final inspection

4.Metal Foam Materials

GOOLEE Can provide Foamed copper, foamed nickel, foamed aluminum, foamed carbon, foamed iron, foamed iron nickel, foamed titanium etc products;Size: Φ54mm×Length 50mm or customized.

Mica Type Materials

Product introduction:The refractory mica tape is made of high-quality phlogopite or synthetic mica paper as the base material, alkali free glass fiber cloth or polyene film as the reinforcing materia